Thursday, October 19, 2006

Missed Doctor's Appointment

So much for my plans to take Paprika to the doctor's office. I could have sworn my appointment was at 3:45, but in fact, it was at 3:15. I showed up at 3:30 (which I thought was 15 minutes early), only to find out that I'd missed the appointment and would have to reschedule. Even though I was only 15 minutes late they told me they couldn't work us in. I was really bummed. I rescheduled for next Monday and hopefully I'll get it right next time!

In preparation for our trip to Indy, I checked with the airline to see what type of identification Paprika needs to board the plane. It turns out she needs a birth certificate, which we don't have since California doesn't mail it to you until over 4 months after the birth (and that's if you request it by mail and send in a fee). The only way to get it sooner is to go to the County Records Office and apply for it in person. We live very close to the Beverly Hills courthouse- but no, they don't issue birth certificates. So, we have to go all the way across Los Angeles into downtown and make a day of going to the County Records office. We would have had to do it anyway in order to travel over Christmas, so I guess it's better to get it done sooner rather than later. It's still a hassle, though. Once we have her birth certificate, I can apply for her passport, which is very exciting! Infants must have a passport to travel outside the country. The passport lasts for 5 years and has to have a picture. How cute will that be? When she's four years old, she'll still be travelling using her baby picture. I bet she won't like that! :-)

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