Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yesterday was a bit challenging! After a fantastic morning of playing and cuddling, I decided to get out of the apartment with Paprika and go to a Mommy & Me Yoga Class. Paprika is an awesome baby, yet she has issues when she's in the car! The second she is in the car, she cries until we get to our destination. It's heartbreaking because the cries get more desperate the further we get. Ugh!

She started crying the second I turned the engine on, and did not stop until we got to Golden Bridge (the yoga studio). Then, once we were there, she was so exhausted from crying, she slept through the whole class (except I had to HOLD her during the whole class because she was so freaked out that if I laid her down, she would start crying again). So, neither one of us got to do any yoga.

Then, on the way home I got stuck in traffic and she cried for an hour on the way home. If I stop the car half-way to feed her or try to calm her, she starts right back up once we get moving. So, I guess I'm stuck in the house from now on, unless I walk somewhere or have Mr. Mustard around to drive us (Paprika has no problem being quiet and content as long as someone is in the backseat with her). There are two malls within about 20 minutes of me, so if I want to endure 20 minutes each way of crying, I can do that, I guess. Target is about 40 minutes away, so that's out of the question. I've tried putting toys back there, putting the pacifier in her mouth at stoplights, using a mirror- everything! Nothing works. I even rock her carseat while we're stopped at stoplights, all to no avail.

So, it was rough. I know it will get better and for right now I just need to be content being a homebody with her. We have wonderful times walking through our neighborhood and hanging out around the house. She loves the interaction from meeting other babies, which is why I was bringing her to the class. It's frustrating because I thought I was doing a good thing by bringing her to the Mommy & Me class. She really does love it there, I just don't think we can handle the car trip anymore. :-(

I love her so much and it hurts me to see her so upset and crying. Tomorrow will be a better (and car-free) day!

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