Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One Week From Today!

The Bar Exam is one week from today! I am getting excited about it! :-) My official due date is one week from tomorrow- August 19th!

I had a doc appt. today and he said that it might be sooner than the 19th, though-- we'll see! We may possibly induce on the 14th- depending on how things are looking. Anyway, it's getting very close!

My blood pressure is through the roof, so I am taking it easy- the doctor said that if I feel weird at any time, I have to come in to get checked out. At the very latest, I'm going in next Friday for another check-up. My blood pressure was really high today, but they had me lie down for awhile and close my eyes and it went back down to an acceptable level- which is a good sign. I think all the swelling, discomfort, etc., is just normal pregnancy stuff- coupled with the fact that it's 90 plus degrees outside! Whew! I heard somewhere that it's the hottest summer ever, and I believe it!

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