Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Countdown!

I realized that I haven't posted since Wednesday- I don't really know where those days have gone. Lots of studying, which will (hopefully) pay off when I leave TOMORROW for the exam. I am really excited about it- I will be gone until Friday, which will be a nice break from weird as that sounds. Just knowing that I won't have to review anymore is a very nice feeling. And, I can catch up on all of the emails and phone calls I've been neglecting from loved ones. Yes, I have lots of catching up to do in that department.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday (7/24)- Leave the apt. at noon, drive to the hotel, check-in, then go to the exam center to get my room assignment. Go back to the hotel, get something to eat, study, go to sleep.

Tuesday (7/25)- Arrive at the exam center at 8:15, take the first three essay questions. Break for lunch. Afternoon take the first Performance Test. Go back to the hotel, have dinner, review questions for Wednesday.

Wednesday (7/26)- Arrive at the exam center at 8:15- do first half of Multi State Test, break for lunch, do second half of Multi-State, back to the hotel, eat dinner, review for Thursday, sleep.

Thursday (7/27)- Arrive at the exam center at 8:15- repeat of Tuesday's schedule-- then I'm finished! Yea!

Friday (7/28)- Check out of hotel, go to see the doctor, and start the rest of my life!!!

Next weekend I'm starting to get ready for the baby- buying all of the last minute and not so last minute stuff (like a crib!) She will officially be full-term next Saturday- which seems like a long way off, but it's less than a week away!

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