Saturday, July 15, 2006

35 Weeks and Hospital Tour!

Today we had our hospital tour, which was very informative and exciting. It definitely made everything seem more real. We learned about all of the different kinds of rooms available for delivery and how they shuffle you from one room to the next as you progress.

They start you out in a room called Triage with 4 beds and leave you there until you're 3-5 cm dialated. Then they move you into a Labor and Delivery room (which is a private room). Then, after you give birth, they move you into a glorified closet where you spend the next 2-4 days (depending on whether your birth is regular or C-section). The glorified closet recovery room is SO small- I don't think more than 2 people could be in the room at one time! But, at least it is a private room, which I am very grateful for.

I took lots of notes- and we got to see the nursery where the newborns go after they are born (although you can keep the baby with you except for when they give them a bath and do other hospital type stuff). We also learned about all of the hospital safety precautions, and that the dad or birth partner can be with the baby at all times, even in the nursery- which really relieved me. Mr. Mustard is going to stick by our little girl's side while I'm in recovery, that's for sure. I don't want any baby mix-ups here!

The staff was really nice, and the facility is state-of-the-art. They also have Deluxe Maternity Suites- which are rooms for recovery that have hardwood floors, plasma TV screens, and a private nurse. Those are an extra $1308/night (not covered by insurance, of course). I'll take my glorified closet, thank you very much!

I had a great talk with my mom today on the phone. She is coming out to help me get set up for the baby from August 3rd to the 7th, and then will be coming back for a week after the baby is born! That is great news- I only thought she'd be able to come out from the 3rd-7th, because she was supposed to go on a yoga trip to Arizona, which would have used the rest of her vacation time. But, she cancelled that and instead is going to do her advanced training in Los Angeles in 2008, which frees up a week of vacation for her now! Very exciting!

This is fantastic news because my Aunt Laura is also planning on coming out for a week soon after the baby is born. So, I will have two weeks of help and get to spend quality time with my aunt and mom! Yea! I know Mr. Mustard is going to be working a lot, so that is good news to me that I will have some family out here to help! I am a little worried about how to handle a baby, and having two experts come out is going to be perfect. I am so lucky!!!

Mr. Mustard and I went out to dinner last night and I couldn't believe how much people were staring at me! It's like they've never seen a pregnant woman before- geez! I am really enjoying being pregnant, despite the physical limitations. I will be sad when it's over- it's such a special time of life.

Physically, I could be doing better. My feet are huge and swollen- I have really bad edema- meaning when you press down on my foot, the skin stays depressed. I have been elevating my feet and putting ice packs on them, and hopefully this will keep the swelling manageable. I am also experiencing pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, which means with every keystroke, I get a shooting pain down both my wrists. So, sitting for the Bar is going to be tough.

I'm also experiencing a host of other physical discomforts- which I guess is normal for being 9 months pregnant. I'm on guard for pre-eclampsia, since I've been experiencing the warning signs- so if any of those symptoms progress, I'm off to the hospital and no Bar Exam for me. I'm praying that I last at least another week or so to get through the Bar, and then last another few weeks to get ready for baby!!!

Oh- the other thing that happened at the hospital today was that they told us that if you don't have a name for the baby within 5 days of birth, they legally have to submit "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy" as the child's first name on the Birth Certificate. So, our child would be "Baby Girl Urth"- and to get the name changed, you have to go through the courts! What a hassle. Luckily, we are all set on a name for a girl (no name for a boy, since we're about 99.99% sure she's a girl)- even though we're keeping the name a surprise until she's born! :-)

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