Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This And That!


This morning, I finally got around to taking Violet's Three Month photos. She's three months and three weeks old, but I figure as long as we're still in the month, it counts. Right?

As soon as I took the first picture, someone else wanted in. ;-)


This month saw Violet's very first roll-over (at 3 months, two weeks old). This is a photo of her seconds after she rolled all the way over for the very first time. Yes, I wish she was wearing a cute outfit in this photo, but this is real re-enactments on this blog! Ha!


Violet continues to be a dream baby. She has basicaly two modes: happy and sleeping. Or maybe I'm so sleep-deprived I don't remember the rest? :-)

That is Ginger hiding under the blanket next to Violet. Ginger's favorite game of the moment is hide and go seek:

It's never too hard to find her!


Sometimes hiding is just covering her eyes:


But she still finds it so funny when I find her:


The End.

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FourJedis said...

They are so sweet. Ginger really looks a lot like Paprika in these pictures. <3 Go Violet! Ginger seems like a great care-taker!

Mimi said...

Aw! Lovely pics!
they love each other so much.