Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Juggling Act!


Life is busy, busy with three kids and a husband working out of town. The days kind of fly by, so here are some photos of just "daily life" type stuff:

Ginger "swimming" in the bathtub- of course she had to wear a swimsuit and googles. She cracks me up!


Paprika is such an author. She loves writing little books - she illustrates them and dictates the story (or sometimes she writes the words herself, but that can be a little frustrating for her).

This book is called "The Play" and is all about a classroom that sets up and puts on a play. She's done a bunch of books, and the stories she comes up with are pretty great. Of all the crafty type things to do, this is by far the easiest (for me). I just fold 5-8 pieces of plain white paper in half and staple the spine. Voila - a blank book for her to write in. At the end, she has an awesome book for me to keep forever and ever.

Paprika wants to give this book to the public library so that other kids can read it! But I am not letting go of it! ;-)


I can't tell you how proud Paprika is of Violet. Paprika is such a good big sister to Ginger and baby Violet. I am so grateful for is a gift I don't take for granted!


Ginger wearing clothes! She looked so cute and even wore Paprika's red sparkle shoes with this outfit (four sizes too big, but who's counting?!) I was also in this picture but cropped myself out because it was such a bad picture of me. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to! ;-)


Another sister moment caught on camera. Paprika always asks to hold Violet right before Paprika leaves for school and first thing when she comes home. Paprika whispers in Violet's ear how much she loves her.


And finally, a picture of Crazy Daisy! She is getting so much better in her "older" age (I know 10 months is not old - but every day she gets older, I like her better!) I think we are finally going to get her some training. She is such a handful, but I am growing to love her and the girls adore her. She has such a pure, sweet heart and wouldn't hurt a flea. She just might lick you to death...and, well, what can you say to a face like this? :-)


So, that's what life looks like juggling three kids and a dog. Pretty soon here I hope to have a moment to come up for air (and take a shower). But it's not likely! Haha.


Erin said...

Your girls are so beautiful Erika!! Absolutely gorgeous. I can't get enough of that sweet baby. I can smell the baby powder from here! I hear ya on the craziness when you have three and a husband who is gone most of the time. It is HARD. I showered tonight after kids were in bed and I seriously think it had been five days since I last washed my hair (not admitting that to anyone but you!). I'd love to tell you it gets easier but now that Kole is on the go it feels harder in some ways. At least we have each other - someone who understands! Good thing our babies are so worth it. :)

BTW - I had to laugh at the post before this. Kenny and I ALWAYS end up at Target after our Saturday night dinner dates!!

Mimi said...

You sound really happy in this post.
It's a hectic time, but you're going with the flow, and savouring every minute; that's what counts.
I really love the pic of Paprika and Violet otgether, the way V looks so adoringly at P.
Your P is obviously a very creative young lady, to be encouraged!

FourJedis said...

Erika, don't worry about the showers - If I get 4 showers a week, it's a good week... that's so gross, I know! Your girls are so precious. Paprika reminds me of D a lot, and Ginger of C. So sweet. I love how good Paprika is to Violet.

Amee said...

the girls are getting SO big!! LOVE the pic of ginger all dressed up!

That's Interesting said...

All of your little girls are looking so happy! :)