Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Date!


Baby Violet had her 2 month well-check on 3 months and 1 day old! (We are a little behind...oh well).

She weighs 15 pounds and is the 98th percentile for weight for babies her age. She is 24 inches long, which is the 86th percentile for height. The pediatrician kept commenting on how strong Violet is, and how happy and alert she is. Violet almost rolled over at the pediatrician's office, and she was smiling and laughing a lot. She gets a lot of attention wherever we go, especially because she is so alert and wants to interact with everyone. You can tell that there is so much going on in her head and she has a million things she wants to say already...she is just trying to get the words out!


Grandma Pat came down for a few days this week, which was wonderful! I got to take Violet to her doctor's appointment without Ginger in tow, which made things a lot less stressful for me.

Ginger picked up some kind of cold bug at the Tar Pits last weekend, so she was very sniffly and miserable all week. She is still mostly refusing to wear clothes, but will occasionally put something on if the mood strikes her just right. But usually even when she is wearing clothes, she wants to take them off about five minutes later! It is such a shame because Ginger has the best wardrobe of any of us (due to some awesome clothes gifted to us by a generous friend). The good news is that Ginger's wardrobe is getting very little use at the moment, which means it will be pristine for Violet in a year or two!

Last week, Ginger would only go to sleep in my bed and not in her bed. So that means I had a full bed with Ginger and Violet both sleeping with me in my room. It was sweet! Usually I stay up in bed after they have gone to sleep and I watch something on Netflix or Hulu (with the captions on and the volume muted) to wind down before I go to sleep. Last week I decided to watch Hoarders for the first time ever. Have you ever seen that show? It was unbelievably disturbing to me and gave me nightmares. I found myself wanting to declutter and clean all weekend as a result. I don't think I can ever watch it But I think Mr. M will be happy because now anytime I want to buy something spur of the moment, I will probably think of that show and restrain myself. Haha.

Mr. M came home this weekend. Yay! I caught Ginger's cold so I spent most of Saturday just taking it easy at home, except for when all went out to lunch as a family. We try to do that every weekend, even though it can be a little challenging with the little ones. Last week we went to a vegan restaurant and it went over like a lead balloon with the kids. Haha. So this week we went back to our favorite hamburger place, and I picked up some Chipotle for me and Mr. M to split and brought it over to the burger place. I'm not really vegan, but I am eating a lot less meat these days after watching Forks Over Knives (the documentary), reading The China Study, and reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. I would say I am eating vegan about 95% of the time now, and when I just can't stand it anymore, I have a little bit of meat or dairy here or there. ;-) Baby steps.

Then tonight (Sunday), Mr. M and I had our weekly date. We brought Violet with us, and she was mostly sweet, but got a little fussy during dinner. I think she was tired. We went out to Indian food at a little restaurant near us. Delicious! Then we went to Target and picked up napkins for Paprika's Teacher Appreciation luncheon at school, and a new bathroom garbage can. How romantic! Haha. Then we went for a little moonlit stroll on the beach, but Violet's toes started to get cold (she was in the Baby Bjorn), so pretty soon we turned around and came home. Things sure have changed since we went on our first Valentine's Day date 12 years ago. ;-) But it was great to come home to our house full of life, and realize that even though things aren't as they once were, they are in some ways so much better. I am so happy to have our sweet little family, and it really is the best Valentine's Day present of have our little house so full of love.

Speaking of...I need to put some little girls to bed now! I am trying my best to move their bedtimes earlier and earlier. Last week I got them in bed (not asleep) by 8:45pm, which is the earliest that pretty much has ever happened. If I let them, these girls would literally stay up all night long and sleep all day. Like mother, like daughters! :-)


FourJedis said...

You know, people probably give her tons of attention in public because she is so stunning. I hope you are feeling better. Wow, 8:45? That is sooooooo early for you guys. <3

Mimi said...

Great that Violet had such a good check. she's really cute and adorable.
With our girls, bedtimes were quite early, but then they were up about 6.30 in the morning! So you either get late mornings or early nights, I think!
Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

Tracy said...

oh yes, Hoarders is a great cleaning motivator. lol My BIL was on Animal Hoarders for snakes! It made a difference for him though.