Thursday, February 9, 2012

Three Months!


Dear Baby Violet,

Today you are three moths old. Three months! I am typing this post one-handed while I hold you in my lap...turns out that in my lap is where you prefer to nap and I am happy to oblige.

Every day, I learn more about you. You love music, and you love to try to sing along. You are a talker and you are positively giddy when you are the center of attention.

You like to sit up and often you fall asleep just like that - sitting up!

When you get overtired, you get so mad that you cannot fall asleep. That is how I found myself at midnight last night, pacing the block outside our house with you in my arms. The cool air and the cover of stars calms you to sleep like nothing else.

One thing about Mr. M working out of town is that, for the most part, I am on my own with you, 24/7. This has created an incredible bond between the two of us and I know that usually all I have to do is scoop you up and instantly you'll stop crying. It's a deep trust we have and I feel like we understand each other in the deepest, most affirming way. Even though we are two people now, in many ways I still feel that one-ness with you. It is the best feeling.

Happy three months, my sweet girl! As I sing to you every day, You are everything and everything is you!



FourJedis said...

I thought you just posted she was 2 months. Where is the time going? She's so pretty... I see resemblances to her sisters, but she has her own little look. <3 Love to you gals!

That's Interesting said...

So precious, Erika! I really like the picture


That's Interesting said...

So precious, Erika! I really like the picture


Allison said...

As hard as it must be to be on your own with your hubby out of town, it's so great that you two are able to bond! She is precious! Time flies too quickly... my girl will be 3 months old on Valentine's Day!

Mimi said...

Isn't Violet such a sweet baby with a sweet little smile?
Don't know how you do it Erika, on your own with three kids. You're doing a great job there.