Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Festival and The Chicken

Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Festival. We went last year, and wow, it's amazing how much Paprika has changed in just one year. Here's us at the festival last year: Pumpkin Fest 2007 Look how much more hair she has this year compared to last year!

Paprika's favorite part of the festival was the animals. She loved petting the pony, sheep, goats, and the pig.

But her very favorite animal of all was the rooster, aka "Chicken." Paprika talked to the chicken for at least 45 minutes. I think they may have had some kind of a soul connection. She was so gentle with him, and would pet him so softly. She would whisper into his ear, "What are you thinking about, Chicken?" "What do you dream about, Chicken?"

When the other kids would come up to pet him, she would tell them to be nice, and if they tried to put food into his water dish (a big no-no), she would take it out for him so that his water was clean.

She never wanted to leave his side. It was very hard getting her to leave. When she got home, she cried, "Where's Chicken! I want to go see Chicken!" So, at least we have pictures of their day together. Paprika and The Chicken! :-)

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