Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playdate with Brandon!

Paprika and I have been keeping busy with playdates, trips to the park, and I even took her to Disneyland all by myself! We have been living it up! On Monday of this week, we went over to Michelle's house for a playdate with Brandon. Too fun!

We really like visiting Michelle and Brandon- there are lots of age appropriate, educational children's toys, healthy snacks, a sandbox to play in...basically, kiddie utopia. Needless to say, Paprika had a great time.

While Michelle and I were talking in the playroom, Paprika wandered off into Brandon's room, curled up in the corner, pulled a blanket over her, and started to look through books.

Within a few moments, Brandon followed her lead, found a comfy spot in the pillows, and picked up some books to read to Paprika. Being so much older than Paprika (8 months older), he had lots of things to tell her about and lots of books to read to her.

Michelle was thinking on her feet, grabbed her camera, and caught these adorable photos. We called it "the intellectual play-date." :-)

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