Friday, April 25, 2008

Smelling the Roses

Paprika and I went to the rose garden and she had such a wonderful time smelling all the roses. She kept trying to put the fallen petals back on the flowers, which was pretty cute. She also found a pinecone, and said "Oh look- it's a pinecone!" I have no recollection of ever saying the word "pinecone" to her, so I was very surprised when she knew what it was. She also picked up a huge rock and said, "Ohhhh, that's a heavy rock!"

After we were done in the rose garden, we took Paprika's bike for a spin around the park. Then we went to the playground and she had the best time playing with a three year old boy. They were chasing eachother and laughing, and having the best time!

One funny sidenote is that Paprika insists on calling the Subaru, "Mommy's Car." We bought the BMW a year ago, and I drove it for a whole year, and she never called it "Mommy's Car." The first day I started driving the Subaru and Mr. Mustard started driving the BMW, Paprika started referring to the Subaru as "Mommy's Car." Mr. Mustard thinks this is odd because I picked out the BMW, he picked out the Subaru, and he actually prefers the Subaru over the BMW. So, it's just kind of funny that, according to Paprika, the Subaru is now "my" car and not his- since Mr. Mustard thinks it's really HIS car! :-)

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