Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beach Baby!

Yesterday we took Paprika to Malibu for a gorgeous day at the beach. The weather was so warm and beautiful, we couldn't miss the opportunity to put our toes in the sand. The funny thing is that Paprika did NOT want her feet in the sand at all. As soon as Mr. Mustard started taking off her shoes, she got so scared, and then wouldn't let us put her down on the ground the whole time we were at the beach. So, we ended up carrying her for miles. It was a nice change of pace, since usually Paprika does not want to be held at all, and we are used to her running off in her own direction any chance she gets.

The beach where we went is also a bird sanctuary, so there were lots of exotic birds fluttering about. It was really neat to see the birds up so close.

Earlier in the day, we went to the UCLA hospital to drop off a care basket for a friend who is in the ICU. We stayed a few hours with the family down in the lobby, and Paprika wanted nothing more than to run and climb on everything. Mr. Mustard and I ended up taking turns walking with her outside, looking for pinecones, and letting her run in the grass.

Afterwards, we spent a few hours in Westwood walking through the UCLA campus and eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Paprika was mostly cooperative- she was in great spirits at lunch, but wanted to sit on the bench by herself and by the end was jumping up and down on the booth seat. We managed to enjoy ourselves, and Paprika had a great time (as usual) entertaining herself.

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