Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun Day At The Park

We had a great day today at the park. The rose garden is starting to bloom, and everything is so lush and fragrant! Paprika traipsed all over the park, and had a great time smelling and trying to pick all the flowers (but I wouldn't let her pick them)!

I just bought Paprika her first set of Play-Doh the other night and she's had a blast making it into all sorts of different shapes. She is also at the stage where she loves stacking anything and everything- so all of her blocks are being put to good use- finally! I also just got her an Aquadoodle, which is something little ones can draw on without making a mess. It's wonderful- and even has an Elmo theme (her favorite). But so far, she's not super interested in drawing. Paprika does like writing with a pen, though. I think she likes to do that because she sees Mr. Mustard and I writing with pens. We've had some near misses, but so far she's been pretty good about keeping the pen on the paper.

Mr. Mustard is due home later tonight and we'll start our weekend together. Yea!

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