Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We're back from our long, four day weekend in Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. We had a great Thanksgiving! Mr. Mustard's mom prepared a wonderful meal. Mr. Mustard's sister, Andrea, was there, along with her friends Jill, Mike, their baby, and Mike's mom. It was a full house on Thursday, and everyone had a nice time. One of Mr. Mustard's best friends, Tom, came over on Thursday night and met Paprika officially (last time he saw her she was asleep).

Andrea and her friends left Thanksgiving evening, so the rest of the weekend, it was just me, Mr. Mustard, Paprika, and Mr. Mustard's mom. We had a very full weekend. We went to the beach, went out to eat a few times, and met up with lots of Mr. Mustard's old friends from highschool. Mr. Mustard's mom babysat for us Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Mr. Mustard and I got to go to dinner by ourselves, we went to two movies, and we went to a little holiday get-together one of his highschool buddies had at his house! Mr. Mustard said he had fun playing "twenty-something" for a few days! Paprika greatly enjoyed spending time with Grandma Urth.

Mr. Mustard and I saw "American Gangster" and "Enchanted" in the movie theater. "American Gangster" was his pick, "Enchanted" was mine! My next door neighbor from when I first moved to Los Angeles and lived in West Hollywood, Amy Adams, stars in "Enchanted." It's wild to think that we shared a wall for so many years, and now she is a major movie star. She is absolutely wonderful in the movie- a real talent. She is such a nice person, so I'm glad she's having so much success. It couldn't happen to anyone sweeter or more deserving. How cool.

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