Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy Bee

We've been keeping very busy! On Sunday, we took Paprika to Kidspace, a great Children's Museum with lots of fun stuff for kids to do. I have been wanting to check it out for awhile, and it was worth the trip. The activities were geared towards kids a few years older than Paprika. They have a toddler room, and she enjoyed playing in there with the other babies- but it was so crowded! I think it will be perfect to bring her back in a year or two when she can really enjoy all the outdoor activities. Right now she's just still a little too young for it all. But, we had fun nonetheless.

On Saturday, we went to our favorite Go-Kart and Mini Golf place- for the second time in two weeks! Paprika loves the lights and sounds of the arcade there. She wants to run around and play with everything. This time we played Mini Golf, and Paprika wanted to run through the whole course. It was pretty exhausting keeping up with her. We also got to have dinner at TGI Friday's, which was great. Paprika was so well-behaved during dinner and just wanted to read her books and play with the salt and pepper shakers on the table. Overall, she is a very well mannered little diner!
Paprika also got to have a nice visit with Mr. Mustard's mom and Mr. Mustard's sister, Andrea, this past weekend. Mr. Mustard's mom flew in from Maine and stayed at our house overnight before going back up to Santa Barbara. It was so nice for Paprika to see them- and for them to see her!

I took Paprika for her 15 month well-baby doctor's check-up earlier today. She passed with flying colors! She is as healthy as can be, and is growing and developing just perfectly. All of the nurses on staff were just blown away by Paprika's vocabulary and how much she is talking now.

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