Monday, November 19, 2007

The Four Deuces

Mr. Mustard and I went to a very fun murder mystery birthday party on Saturday night. Mr. Mustard's friend, Eric, rented out a club in Hollywood and invited about 50 people to his party. The theme was 1920s, and everyone had to dress up. Mr. Mustard wore a sharp Zoot Suit and I was in flapper regalia. We had a GREAT time. Everyone was assigned a character and had to play their part in solving a fictional murder mystery. My character was an assasin who would kill anyone for a price. Mr. Mustard's character had amnesia and had to make up wild stories to confuse everyone else. It was a riot!

Paprika stayed home and played with Mr. Mustard's mom, who was down for the weekend. The funniest part was that the red dress I wore to the party was my prom dress from my senior year of highschool! I never thought I'd get to wear it again- but never say never!

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