Friday, November 16, 2007

15 Months Today!

Wow! Paprika is 15 months young today. She is so active, smart, and fun. We have cleared out much of the furniture in our living room because she loves to climb on it so much! Yesterday I found her standing on top of the coffee table, bouncing up and down, and swinging our giant Tiffany lamp. She climbs on top of the air purifier, and on just about anything else in sight. So, yesterday I took the coffee table and the lamp down to the garage, where they will live for the next year or two. The air purifier is going high up on top of a bookshelf. Our kitchen cabinets are empty. We have too many to baby-proof, so I have just cleared them out. Paprika can open them up and put her toys inside. It's much easier this way than constantly telling her "no" to every single thing. I want her to embrace exploration, not fear every little thing. So, I say "no" when it's a big issue and the rest of the time give her the freedom she craves.

These pictures were taken on a recent hiking trip. We have a great Canyon near our house- about a 10 minute drive- and it has a wonderful Nature Center. Paprika was fascinated by all the wildlife and especially enjoyed looking at the snakes in the terrariums at the Nature Center.

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