Friday, April 12, 2013

Zoo Day!


Last Thursday, we took a family trip to the Los Angeles Zoo!  Paprika was on Spring Break - and we had free guest passes (who can argue with free?!) - so we loaded up the van and headed to the zoo.  :-)

We got there and realized we were one guest pass shy  - so I briefly thought of trying to pass Ginger off as a 2 year old (2 and under are free).  If I put her in the Ergo with a sippy cup, I think she could pass...the short hair helps. ;-)  But, then I decided that it wasn't worth lying in front of my kids just to save $12.  So - it cost us $12 total for all of us.  Still, not bad!

It was Baby Violet's first trip to the Zoo - that is how long it has been since we visited.  It was HOT and smelly and full of people - but hey, the kids had fun!  ;-)

We spent some time visiting the goats.  Do you remember that one time I went to the Zoo seven months pregnant and spent five hours in the goat exhibit?  I don't think I will ever forget that!


Paprika remembered visiting the Zoo with Riley way back when...three years ago, actually.  I barely remembered it, but Paprika remembered the whole trip like it was yesterday!

Out of all of us, Baby Violet had the BEST time.  She loved the animals, and got so excited seeing every single one.  She had the time of her life!  We were joking that would check "Zoo" off our list of places we need to take her to - so in case she forgets, she HAS been to the Zoo.  See?!  ;-)


Ginger was the main reason we went to the Zoo.  She really wanted to go to the Zoo to see the giraffes.  But then we had a long car ride in traffic to get to the Zoo.  And when we got there, it was hot...and crowded...and smelly.  And the giraffes are at the back of the Zoo. 

So, although you might think that you will see the the giraffes right when you get there, in reality, it takes a long time.  And then when you finally get to the giraffe exhibit, there might be seven thousand adults in front of you who won't let you get a peek.  And then you might fall down on the ground and start crying.  Screaming, actually.

I'm just saying...that might happen.  ;-)


Let's just say that Ginger is not a fan of crowds.  Or heat.  Or smelly places.  Or smelly people.  ;-)

But all was not lost.  We did get a peek at a bunch of exhibits and Ginger recovered (especially when we told her we could go home! Haha). 

On the way home, we got stuck in rush hour traffic and ended up taking surface streets home (instead of the freeway).  We passed right by USC - where Mr. M and I met - and the girls got such a kick out of driving by the campus. 

We joked that we could check "college tour" off the list, too.  ;-) 


We made it home in one piece.  Paprika and Violet had a great time at the Zoo. And Ginger...well, when we asked Ginger what her favorite part of the Zoo was, she said:  Going Home! 

A girl after my own heart...

The End!

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