Thursday, April 25, 2013

Roses and Tea Parties!


Ginger is my resident horticulturalist. She is always digging, planting, pruning, and picking flowers for me! Here she is with her favorite rose bush. She can't stay away from it and spends hours with the roses - cutting them, arranging them, playing with them.


She never met a rose she didn't like. Every day she says: Today is Happy Rose Day!


We've had a lot of fun with science around here lately.  The past few days we've done dry ice experiments (photos to come).  Last week, Mr. M showed the girls his microscope from when he was a kid.  Paprika had been asking about the microscope for months, so when Grandma Pat came to visit, she brought it!


You would have thought it was Christmas, the girls were so excited!


Speaking of Grandma Pat!  She came down for a visit on Saturday.  The girls were so excited!  They did a lot in just that one day - including have a pretend picnic in the backyard!


And speaking of picnics, the girls have been setting up little pretend picnics in the backyard on a daily basis lately. The other day, it was so quiet in the backyard...and I looked outside and saw this:


A little impromptu tea party - what's more fun than that?!


The End!


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Precious moments to treasure!
Sweet re Ginger and roses.