Monday, April 8, 2013

A Happy Little Easter It Was!


Since I was so sick on Easter Sunday, we moved our Easter celebration to a few days later.  Thankfully, Paprika was on Spring Break and the girls don't really pay attention to the calendar yet!  ;-)

Grandma Pat came down and dyed Easter Eggs with the girls.  Here's an "After" pic of the eggs they dyed:


Then we had an Egg Hunt in our backyard on Wednesday.  The girls hunted for eggs with treats inside - but the most fun part was just searching for the eggs! 


We also did a lot of painting while Grandma was visiting.  It is a little tricky these days for me to have all three girls paint at the same time - mainly because Baby Violet intensely wants to be in the middle of everything and that can (and usually does) lead to chaos!

So, it was great to have Pat help with the painting.  Violet loves creating her masterpieces:


Paprika has been reading a lot of books on the iPad.  She still reads a lot of regular old paper books, of course.  But, if it's on a screen, Paprika likes it that much more! ;-)  Instead of fighting it, I am just providing her with books on the screen as well as on the bookshelf.  Who can argue with twice the reading (and if you can, then please don't mention it to me - hahaha).

Paprika reading to Grandma Pat:


We downsized the bed in the guest room to a Twin, since Paprika has her "office" in there now.  I was worried it might not be as comfortable for all the girls to climb in bed with Grandma - but well, you can see that it didn't stop them!  Grandma reading a bedtime story to the girls:


And more reading, of course.  Paprika loves to read books to anyone who will listen.  Here she is reading Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems....the book that spawned a frenzy of copycat books in our house.  Now Paprika and Ginger have been writing their own Goldilocks and The...books.  Ginger (age 3) is writing Goldilocks and the Three Cows...Goldilocks and the Three Pigs...Goldilocks and the Three get the idea.  ;-)



The End.

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Mimi said...

Aw. I love the picture of Grandma Pat in the bed with the 3 of them! So cute! Hope you;re feeling much better now Erika.