Monday, December 29, 2008

Paprika and Baby Cheese!

Today we had a nice little walk to our neighborhood park. On the way, Paprika spotted our neighbor's nativity scene and HAD to go make friends. She knew that this was a mommy, daddy, and a baby. I told her, "That's Baby Jesus."

She looked at him with eyes full of wonder and said loudly, "Oh! That's Baby Cheese!"

Me: No, Paprika...Baby Jesus.

Paprika: Yes, Mommy. Baby Cheese. Hi Baby Cheese.

Me: No, Paprika. It's Baby Jesus.

Paprika: Hi Baby Cheese! Whatcha doin' Baby Cheese! Oh, you're so sweet, Baby Cheese. I'll give you a kiss, Baby Cheese!

She had to sit and talk to Mary, Joseph and "Baby Cheese" for a long time. She gave them hugs and kisses, and told them all about everything.

On our walk back from the park, Paprika was so excited to see Mary, Joseph, and "Baby Cheese" again, and she sat and talked to them for a long time once more.

We have been really enjoying our holiday break. Mr. Mustard's birthday is on Wednesday! So, while everyone else is celebrating New Year's Eve, we'll be celebrating Mr. Mustard AND the New Year! We're pretty lucky, aren't we!

Mr. Mustard's work schedule has temporarily shifted a bit, and now he's home much more often during the days because he's working in the evenings. Paprika and I love that! We get to spend our mornings and afternoons with him, and he gets to do fun things like go to the park with us. It works for us!

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