Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eight Things...

I was tagged by my friend, Cryssy, to do a fun post.

Here goes:

8 T.V. Shows I watch:

This is a hard one. We don't watch TV at all (Mr. Mustard says he gets enough at work and I agree)- but we do watch a few shows online or we watch the Academy screeners Mr. Mustard gets from the Emmy Academy (tv shows on DVD)...

1. Lost
2. Heroes
4. Gossip Girl (Mr. Mustard doesn't watch this one!)
5. Battle Star Galactica
6. Entourage

8 Favorite Restaurants:

Mostly LA local...

1. Kabuki (sushi)
2. El Cholo
3. Parkway Grill
4. Sushi Roku
5. Chipotle (we go there a lot with Paprika)
6. TGI Friday's (whenever we go go-kart racing, we always stop in for mozzarella sticks and potato skins)
7. Zaffiro in Santa Barbara
8. The Sage and Onion in Santa Barbara (now closed)

8 Things that happened today:
1. Went to Target
2. At Target, Paprika somehow talked me into buying her a big toy horse
3. Made Mr. Mustard a birthday cake (double layer!)
4. Ordered a blog resdesign (after almost three years of blogging, I deserve it!)
5. Watched Toy Story with Paprika
6. Sent flowers to Eric
7. Talked to my Aunt Laura on the phone
8. Painted with Paprika at her easel

8 Things I look forward to:
1. Mr. Mustard's surprise that I baked him a birthday cake!
2. Mr. Mustard having the next two days off work
3. My next book being published in the spring
4. Taking Paprika to Disneyland in January
5. Hopefully coming to Indy for my dad's wedding in March
6. Fun days with Paprika at the park
7. Spending time with my friends
8. A brighter 2009!

8 Things I wish for:

I'm actually really content with what we have, but if a genie were to ask me:

1. Health and happiness for Paprika, Mr. Mustard, and the rest of my family and friends
2. A four bedroom house with a yard
3. A reliable babysitter who lives next door
4. Some remodeling on our current home
5. Going on a trip just me and Mr. Mustard
6. Many more happy years together
7. To become a better chef
8. To live closer to my family but still have the wonderful perks of Southern California!

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