Saturday, December 6, 2008

D-Land and Other Escapades

Paprika and I have been buzzing all over Southern California this past week. We spent two days this past week at Disneyland. It's completely decked out for Christmas. They do a big parade at the end of the day with fireworks- Paprika loves that. They just re-opened It's a Small World, and Paprika REALLY loves that ride. She sings the song over and over and over again.

It's a Small World, at night:

We also did a whole day at the park this week- we even brought a picnic lunch to share. One day we went up to see Devon and Riley and spent the day with them. And another day we spent at The Children's Museum.

Self portrait on It's a Small World, taken at night:

Paprika is so much fun to be around. She now talks like an adult with a full vocabulary. I guess she's been doing this for awhile, but I forget to mention it until, like today at the park, someone asks me, "HOW old is she, and HOW long has she been talking like that?"

She learns things so incredibly quickly and sometimes I don't even know where she gets her info. While waiting in line for the It's a Small World ride, she started pointing out all the shapes- the usual: circle, rectangle, square, star, etc..,and then she started saying, "semi-circle, pentagon, octagon." She surprises me a lot with things like that.

She also has quite a sense of humor. When we were getting in the car the other day, she looked at me and deadpan said, "Mommy, I want to drive the car. You sit back here (in the backseat)." And then she started laughing. She is such a hoot.

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