Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Many Exciting New Happenings!

The first exciting announcement is that Paprika got her first tricycle yesterday! Whenever we go to the park, she always wants to ride everyone else's trike. Yesterday I got scolded by another mom at the park when Paprika took off with her son's trike. So, after the park, I took Paprika to the store and we got Paprika her very own tricycle. She LOVES it and constantly asks to "Go Bike!" which, of course, means that she wants to ride it. Her feet don't quite reach the pedals yet, but she really enjoys being pushed and letting her feet drag. We are going to decorate it with lots of streamers and stickers to personalize it for Paprika. Fun!

Here's the back view of the bike. Notice Paprika's babydoll, "Lola" (as she's named her) in the back bucket. Mr. Mustard has named this photo: FUTURE WISEGUY...

Yesterday, Paprika went to the bathroom in the potty for the first time. She was pretty pleased with herself. She did it all on her own, with no prompting from us. We are definitely not pushing potty training, but she is very interested in everything having to do with the potty.

We have been going to the park usually two times/day. Paprika loves being outside, in her car, on her bike, and running around outside. We're only indoors to eat and sleep. That's the nice thing about the weather here in Southern California.

Today, we took Paprika to the zoo. She loved seeing the animals and petting the goats at the Children's Petting Zoo. Paprika remembered the roaring lion from our last trip to the zoo. When we got close to the lion exhibit, she got really excited and started to exclaim, "Lion! Lion! Lion!" even though we couldn't yet see the lions. She remembered the exhibit very vividly, which was interesting to me. Mr. Mustard commented that of course she remembered the lions- it's hard to forget a lion roaring at top volume for five minutes.

Here is Paprika checking out the animals at the zoo:

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