Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter, capping off our wonderful week with Mr. Mustard at home. On Wednesday, we had Paprika's 19 month check-up. She was 33.5 inches tall (90%), and weighed 25.5 pounds (60%). The doctor was in awe of Paprika's vocabulary and how advanced she is. She asked how many words Paprika is saying- and then Paprika just started talking, which answered her question. Paprika said, "Time to go bye-bye now!" "Where's socks?" (We had taken her socks off for the appointment). The doctor just about fell over at everything Paprika was saying, and went around and told all the nurses in the office how amazing Paprika is. They were all just raving about her. It was a little bit like being with a celebrity.

Paprika continues to want to use the potty and went #1 yesterday on her own. It's more of a novelty for her than anything else. She likes the sound the potty makes (it's called a "Royal Potty"- so it makes music when you go), so that gives her an incentive.

We had a wonderful Easter Weekend. Yesterday, our neighbors had a huge Easter Egg Hunt at their house. Paprika went last year, too. This year, she was ready to hunt eggs and got quite a few in her little basket.

Today we had a family day and just spent time together the three of us at a botanical garden. Paprika was dressed in her Easter dress, and she got LOTS of attention. People were asking if they could take her picture, and one photographer just started snapping pictures of her. Again, it was a little bit like being with a celebrity. Am I noticing a pattern here?

I have lots of pictures to post from this week, and possibly a video, too!

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