Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fun Times!

We have been having the BEST time since Mr. Mustard came home on Friday. He's working from home all next week, and we are loving having him here. Being apart so much really makes us appreciate our time together. It's so wonderful having him home.

I had a nice break yesterday. I took a sewing class, which was great fun! While I was there, Mr. Mustard and Paprika had some father/daughter bonding time. They went to the park and Mr. Mustard took Paprika for a drive in her little red car. She had a wonderful time and barely even noticed that I was gone. I made a tote bag in the class, and then last night when Paprika was napping, I hemmed a pair of Paprika's pants. Today during her naptime, I made a nursing cover. I'm having a lot of fun with sewing and I am so proud of my little projects!

We have SO many things planned for this week while Mr. Mustard is home. Luckily, working from home, he can be pretty flexible about when he works. Paprika's 18 month check-up is on Thursday! I'm excited for Mr. Mustard to see the pediatrician's office, since he hasn't been yet. Today Paprika turned 19 months, so I guess we are a little behind on our 18th month check-up! I'm curious to see what the pediatrician says about her massive vocabulary. She gets more talkative by the day, and some of the things she says blow my mind! She speaks in full sentences, and oftentimes I'll hear her on the baby monitor talking to her dolls and stuffed animals. I'm actually a little glad that we never got very far with baby sign language. She has been talking for so long, and says so much that I really don't know what we would be signing. She can tell me exactly what she wants with her words. She even has a very keen sense of humor. I am just loving everything about being Paprika's mom. It is pure joy.

On a different note, it looks like it may be time for us to say goodbye to the Saturn. She has served us VERY well. She is thirteen (maybe fourteen) years old, and I have had her for ten years! She was a graduation gift from my dad, and I have a strong sentimental attachment to her because of that. My first car was a Cadillac from my grandparents, and I still miss that car so much! I have been a very blessed girl over the years. The Saturn is not doing well. Mr. Mustard has been driving the Saturn because Paprika's carseat won't fit inside of it (it's a 2 door). Anyway, a few weeks ago, it wouldn't start, and that has been a pretty persistent problem. He'll go somewhere and then get stranded. No fun! So, we're going to go car shopping this week and see what we find. We're hoping to get a station wagon, since that will give us more room for things like Paprika's tricycle!

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