Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cooper's First Birthday!

Paprika's friend, Cooper, had his first birthday party today. Luckily, he lives only one block away from us, so it was a short walk up to the party. We had a great time! They had lots of fun stuff for kids to do, and had a big spread of yummy food and drinks- there was even a margarita machine! I helped Paprika strike the pinata, but we didn't break it- we left that for one of the older kids to do. The party was an "under the sea" theme- and even the cake matched. Paprika got her very own snow cone- but we didn't tell her that it was just shaved ice without the topping. She felt like a very big girl eating it! The party was really great- we got to talk to our neighbors and got to know more people in the neighborhood.

After the party, we came home and Paprika had a short nap while Mr. Mustard and I relaxed out on our front patio. Then, we put Paprika in her jogging stroller and went for a 2.5 mile walk together as a family. So much fun!

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