Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back In California!

Our plane touched down late last night after a very long day of travelling. It's good to be back!

Yesterday, my dad took the day off work to spend time with me and Paprika. He came over in the morning, we played with Paprika, and then went to the health food store to buy some vitamins and then he took Paprika and I out to lunch at Chipotle. We had Mr. Mustard's favorite (my dad always wants to order what Mr. Mustard would order, since Mr. Mustard always orders the best thing on the menu). After lunch, we went back to the house and Paprika had a little nap. My grandparents came over to say goodbye to their great-grandbaby. It was so great seeing them one last time before we left.

My dad, Paprika, and I then made the trek to the Indianapolis Airport. We had some time to spare before the flight, so we hung out in the food court and fed Paprika french fries (my dad's idea)! It was her first taste of junk food- but a grandfather is allowed to spoil his only grandbaby a little bit!

Then, Paprika and I boarded the completely full flight to Los Angeles. Every seat was taken, and since I had been hoping that the flight would be undersold, I did not buy a seat for Paprika (children can fly for free on your lap until age 2). Well, that was a big mistake. For the first half of the flight, I sat next to a mucho macho man who insisted on using the whole armrest. Paprika and I were by the window, and I had the unfortunate job of trying to nurse Paprika while sitting next to this manly man. Ugh. The plane stopped in Kansas City and that guy got off the plane, but then more people got on again and the flight was oversold.

Paprika was pretty good, considering it was getting very late and she had missed her afternoon nap. She really wanted to get up and move around, and about four hours into the six hour long flight she started to get really upset. She was crying a little bit, and I overheard a woman in the next row say, "Oh God, I hope that kid doesn't scream the whole flight." Again I had to try to nurse Paprika in my seat, sitting two inches from the passenger next to me. Paprika is two and a half feet long, which is pretty big when you're holding her on your lap for six hours! The plane also did not have a changing table on it. I'll be writing Southwest about that little fact. It was a pretty miserable flight, but we made it through okay.

Paprika is having a hard time adjusting to the three hour time difference. She woke up at 5:30 this morning, which is 8:30 Indiana time. She also caught a bit of a cold on the plane. The woman in the row in front of us spent four hours coughing, hacking, and sneezing. Since the flight was completely full, I couldn't move seats to get away from her. Paprika is really stuffed up today and is having a hard time sleeping because of all the congestion. Hopefully she gets better soon.

Even though the flight back to California was horrible, I am so glad that we made the trip to Indy. I really appreciate Indianapolis more now that I've been away for awhile. California is great, too. We have a lot of things to look forward to in the next few weeks!

I'll be posting more Indiana pics over the next few days- I took about 350 pictures while I was there!

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