Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Frozen Kernels In A Pod!


Everything went back to normal today, which really means that Mr. M is back to working on two different TV shows - and I am here by myself with the kids non-stop. Party time! ;-)


It's been raining, which means that when we start to get cabin fever, the options are to go to the mall and ride the escalators at Macy's or hang out at Pottery Barn Kids.  The girls pretend that Pottery Barn Kids is their personal home away from home with fancy toys to play with - and I pretend that we actually might buy something so we don't get kicked out.  Funny thing is that there is about zero chance I'd buy anything new from there and instead I use it as my personal scouting mission for what I might buy on Craigslist eventually.  Our house is a treasure trove of other people's Pottery Barn castoffs...which is fine by me.  When I go to the store, I feel like I am looking into a time machine into our future decor.  Ha!

Today we went to Target because we were out of frozen corn.  Right now Ginger is on a frozen corn kick - big time.  It's all she wants to eat, and she only wants to eat it frozen.  As in, not microwaved or heated in any manner.  Just frozen.  She will eat an entire package at a sitting and then ask for more!

So now Baby Violet is also on a frozen corn kick because anything Ginger does, Baby Violet has to do, too.  ;-)  Two peas in a pod, I tell ya!


I am ready for the weekend!  I miss Mr. M so much when he's working like this - so hopefully we'll get some time together.  Yay!  Paprika also has her very first piano recital ever this weekend - she is so excited she can barely sleep.  :-)

The End.

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mum2abby said...

How'd she do with her piano recital? I've been tossing around the idea of piano but I think it'd just be too much on my already full plate LOL.