Sunday, January 20, 2013

So Much Sunshine!


My Grandma, my Dad, and Nana Nancy all arrived yesterday from the Arctic Circle...well, not really...Indiana! ;-)

We put together a little Surprise Birthday Party for my Grandma.  She turned 80 last week, so we definitely wanted to celebrate.  A little cake, some party hats...and of course, the girls decorated the whole house with streamers and balloons.   Then, Paprika put on a little piano recital...mostly Christmas songs!  :-)


Today we went to the park first thing - the girls fed the ducks and then played on the playground.  Then, we drove to see the sights, went to the beach, walked on the pier, visited the little Aquarium, had ice cream...and finally, ended up at Target!  It is beautiful and the sky is full of sunshine - not a cloud in the sky!

Now we are home resting, making fresh squeezed Lemon and Ginger tea.  Guess who is picking the lemons?  :-)


The End.

1 comment:

Mimi said...

Never! Violet cannot be already picking lemons! She's a baby, how did that happen so quickly?
Seriously, I love the little face smirking joyfully at the camera. Have a lovely family time Erika, it's precious.