Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pigtails and Hairbows!


Ginger hit a sweet milestone on Saturday.  For the first time in her life, she let me put her hair in pigtails and she wore hairbows.  And, she let me brush her hair - I think in her entire life, she's let me brush her hair less than a dozen times.

I always ask her if she wants ponytails, and she is always adamant about not having ponytails, and not wearing hairbows.  Before, if I put them in, she would always tear them out. 

But for whatever reason, on Saturday, she changed her mind.  I guess a girl is allowed to change her mind every once in awhile.  ;-)

She picked out the ballerina hairclips herself...and then said:  two ponytails, please!


It is kinda funny because she is always cutting her own hair.  She will find the kid scissors and go to town.  Just last week I found a pile of hair over by her Barbies - and well, the hair was definitely NOT Barbie's.  Can you see how she chopped her bangs?  I had a little talk with her about it - but at the end of the day, it's her hair.  Her hair, her choice.

She is dressing herself, too - she really wanted to wear this cat shirt on top of her denim dress with brown floral capris underneath.  I was cracking up about it.

Then she picked this flower from our front yard.  Eventually the stem fell off and she was so upset.  I told her I would "paste" it back on (like in It's a Wonderful Life) - and I snuck outside and picked her a new flower when she wasn't looking.  She was so happy.

I love that she thinks I can do anything, fix anything, and how magical life is to her.  To me, that's what three years old is all about.


After her hair was all done up, she said:  We have to go out now so people can see how pretty I am.  :-)  We were going to a friend's party, so thankfully, we were headed out somewhere.  I thought the hairbow thing might be a one-time thing...but nope.  Every day since, she's been game.


I can't say I'm complaining!  I have waited three (and a half) years for her to let me do her hair.  So, I am loving it.

Now...if she'd just stop chopping her hair off when I'm not looking, I think we might really get somewhere!  Haha.


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