Monday, July 25, 2011



Ginger is what I'd call a typical two year old. She is lots of fun, lots of smiles, lots of love, and lots of trouble!

She is changing so fast - and every week I look at her and realize just how much she is growing up right before our eyes. Literally growing...we measured her tonight and she has grown over an inch in the past two months.

She is talking up a storm, and we can understand everything she says now. She is speaking in real sentences, having real conversations, and has a big sense of humor. It makes me very wistful for the days (not too long ago) when Excuse me was pronounced Dukes Me! Not any longer...

One of her favorite things to do is boss everyone around. I say: It's time to go to bed. And she says: 5 more minutes. Or: Not now, I am busy, mommy. Or: Shoo, shoo, go away!

Ginger is a pretty picky eater, but compared to her older sister who eats very few foods, I feel like I've hit the jackpot with Ginger's eating. She really loves strawberries, pretzels, cheese, turkey, and "walk around" tortillas...but she will eat lots of other things, too.

A "walk-around tortilla" just means that she walks around while she eats it. This is very different from a "sit-down" tortilla, which she does not like at all. ;-) In fact, she much prefers all food "walk around" and will tell you: Walk around bagel, Please! Not a sit down bagel. Walk around bagel, please! Sitting still is not really her strong suit.

Her favorite thing in the whole world to eat is what she calls Chocolate Easter Bunny...which just means any kind of milk chocolate. She got her first taste of that back when she got her Easter basket, and ever since then any and all chocolate is called: Chocky Eassie Bunny.

Her favorite places to be are the beach, the park, and the pool. She wants to go, go, go all the time and is not really scared of anything.

Her favorite stuffed animal is still her brown puppy, which she cannot be without...ever! (Mental note: start checking Ebay for a replacement...just in case!) She also loves all other stuffed puppy dogs, and wants to feed them and give them naps. When Daisy is not looking, she sneaks into her crate and will often fill Daisy's whole crate with her dolls.

She loves to climb, and if left for even a moment, you will find her on top of the washer/dryer getting into the upper cabinets.

She wakes up each morning with a big smile ready to run head-first into the day, and she is always ready to go.

She always tells me, her daddy, and her sister: I love you so much. I miss you so much. Love so much. That stuff melts my heart and makes me forget about her getting into the upper cabinets. ;-)

And that's what two looks like so far. I just have to write it all down because before I know it, she'll be on to the next thing and our Chocky Eassie Bunny days will all be just a sweet memory...


Lauren said...

Haha! - I love her "walk around" food requests. That is too cute! It must be such a joy to see your sweet baby grow up to be a little girl! Happy Birthday Ginger!!

Sheila said...

Love her! You really chose the perfect name for her. It was almost a self fulfilling prophecy in her case.
Any ideas on the ideal name for Baby Love?

Elizabeth said...

Oh she is just the sweetest. :) What a joy! <3

Mimi said...

Aw, too cute for words!
Lol at the bedtime replies!