Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth Of July!


We had an awesome, eventful July 4th Weekend!

On Saturday, we went to our friends' pool party! The pool might look familiar because when we lived in Pasadena, we used to hang out there a lot. Now that we are far away, it doesn't happen so much anymore. We really enjoyed the party, and had so much fun catching up with everyone.

The girls loved the swimming. Paprika did pretty well with the crowds. She survived for about half an hour hanging with everyone, then spent the rest of the party inside by herself...still having a great time, just away from the noise!

Ginger really enjoyed the pool, especially because she had her little floatie on and could pretend she was swimming all by herself (with us right by her side, of course!)


When we got home, there was a lot of dress-up going on. Ginger likes to make up her own costumes...can you tell? Ha!


Sunday involved some organizing at home (I think my nesting instinct is kicking in) well as a trip to the park! There was a concert at the park, so it was a little crowded, and the girls had a great time anyway!


Ginger had a great time playing on the playground...


and going down the slide, of course!


Later, she helped me fold the laundry! And what a big help she was! Ha!


Monday, we went to the July 4th Festival and Fireworks at the park. It was quite the scene. We got to the park at 7pm and had about two hours to wander around until the fireworks started at 9pm. There were expected to be 10,000 people in attendance, so we knew we had to get there at least two hours early to get a spot for our blanket and find parking!


The girls were soooo excited. Paprika was literally jumping for joy. Ha!


There was a little band that played music, and the girls had a great time dancing.


Paprika was really great about staying close and hanging out...but Ginger? Not so much! She was running up and down the streets, and wanted to see it all...right then! So, Mr. M ended up walking around with the girls quite a bit while I held down the fort on the blanket. By 8:30, we all needed to be seated. Ginger did not get the memo! Haha. So, the last 15 minutes of waiting involved us placating the girls by watching Funny Cats on YouTube on our phones. I think we watched it about six times...enough to last until next year if you ask me! Haha!


Once the fireworks started, everyone settled down. I was really impressed with how the girls did. They loved watching the fireworks, but the sounds were a little much. Mr. M and I spent most of the time with our hands over the girls' ears (on top of their hands also on their ears!) Next time I think I'll bring them each a pair of those headphones people wear at the gun range. Seriously. I guess because we were so close, it was a lot louder than I expected!


It was a great July 4th Weekend! Just the right mix of playing, partying, and even getting stuff done around the house. Hope you had a great 4th, too!


Lauren said...

sounds like the perfect 4th of july weekend!

Crystal Cattle said...

You're girls are great. I remember my little sister used to have one of those floaty swimsuits, too. Hope you enjoy rest of your summer.