Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Quick One From Today

So, we did get out of the house today. I asked Paprika what she wanted to do and she said, "Disneyland!" Our conversation went like this:

Me: What about the park?

Paprika: No!

Me: What about the train museum?

Paprika: No!

Me: What about the Children's Museum?

Paprika: No!

Me: What about the zoo?

Paprika: No!

Me: What about Disneyland?

Paprika: YES!!!!

So, off we went. Had a great time! Park was basically empty. We rode all the rides many, many, many times. I think we rode the Pinnochio ride (Paprika's current favorite) fourteen times. She cried when I told her we were "all done Pinocchio!"

We also hid on the Teacups ride three times in a row (so we could ride again). There was no line- and I didn't feel like getting off, walking all the way through the line again, just to get back on. After the third time I almost lost my lunch, so that was the last time we rode that one. The picture of her is on the Teacup ride (the second time).

Paprika is really into the scary rides. We rode Pirates of the Carribean twice (stayed on the boat because there was no line). She loves the scary parts of it. Too funny. The reason she loves the Pinocchio ride is because at the end, a big whale with sharp teeth lurches out at you and tries to eat you! That is her favorite thing of all- she gets such a thrill.

Overall, just a perfect day. She even saw the Disney Princesses: Jasmine, Snow White, Mulan, Ariel, and Cinderella. Earlier in the day, she had done a drawing at the Princess Craft area (she colored in picture of the Disney Princesses). When she got to meet them, she was very intent on showing them her drawing and asking them what it's like to live in a castle! They got a kick out of her, I think!

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