Thursday, November 13, 2008

Disneyland Fun Day!

Today, Paprika and I made the trek to "The Happiest Place on Earth" and spent the day with Devon and her daughter, Riley!

The park was practically empty, and we rode so many rides, I can't even tell you which ones we rode and how many times we rode them. Our favorite ones were the Peter Pan ride, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Monsters, Inc. ride, and the Pinocchio ride. We spent the first few hours at Disneyland, then went to California Adventure until it closed down. Then we went back to Disneyland again for even more fun.

The Under The Sea Carousel at California Adventure:

After the carousel ride, we sat front row at a really amazing parade.

The Big Parade at California Adventure:

Paprika was really set on seeing Mickey Mousey (as she calls him). Well- we did- we had a private audience with the big cheese himself...and Paprika wasn't too impressed.

Paprika Meeting Mickey Mouse for the First Time:
(Click on the photo to see Paprika's reaction close-up)

Other than the "Mickey Incident," it was a really perfect day.

Paprika and Riley playing "Ring Around The Rosie!":

Paprika loves Riley so much. They have so much fun together. Riley is one week older than Paprika. She was born on Mr. Mustard and my wedding anniversary (August 9th). Riley is an incredible girl. She was born at 29 weeks, (that's 3 months premature) and fought for her life in the neonatal intensive care for two and a half months. She is really an inspiration, and so are her mommy and daddy.

Riley and Paprika also share a special bond because they are both big sisters to identical twins who are in Heaven. Devon's identical twin sons, Blake and Ethan, were born at 23 weeks in March and passed away in the hosptial due to extreme prematurity.

So, you see, Riley and Paprika have a very special connection and bond. We are so very thankful that our paths have crossed with this wonderful family and that we've become friends.

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