Friday, November 7, 2008


We have been keeping busy this week with lots of trips to the park. Paprika has seemingly boundless energy, so it's best to bring her to the park for a few hours each day and cut her loose.

Mr. Mustard's mom came down on Tuesday to watch Paprika while I ran some errands, which was great! They had fun playing together, I think!

I can't believe we're already into November. This month is particularly hard for us because it's the month we were planning on delivering Vivian and Annemarie. We miss them so much.

We're hanging in there. We still go to our grief group once a month, and then I also have several friends who I meet with who have experienced similar losses. We have a coffee night every two weeks, which is just great. I am very thankful for the women I've met through our loss.

Paprika continues to amaze. She has her own, very independent personality. She is very sweet, and likes to do things for herself. She tells me on a regular basis that she doesn't need my help anymore. She's only two, how can this be? She is pretty funny, a lot to handle, and we love her so!

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