Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Weekend

Mr. Mustard and I went to Islands for dinner on Friday night to celebrate. We had a great time and reflected back on how amazing the past few months have been. Paprika was born on August 16th, Mr. Mustard won his second Emmy on August 19th, and I passed the Bar on November 17th! It's really been a whirlwind.

Saturday we made the trip to one of my LEAST favorite spots on Earth- Babies R Us. Ugh. That place is just too much! But, it had to be done. We bought Paprika a new mattress, sheets, and other baby crib necessities.

Saturday night I started to sell off all of the books I used to study for the Bar. I am selling most of the books for a profit because I originally bought them on sale or used. So, it feels pretty good knowing that not only did I not have to pay to take a Bar Review class, but that I'm actually making money off of the process of studying for the Bar.

On Sunday, we bought Paprika's crib- a really beautiful light yellow one we found (where else?) on Craigslist. We got it for about 80% off it's price new- and it is in perfect shape. We came home and Mr. Mustard set up the crib in her room. It looks great!

After setting up the crib, we took Hauser to the dog park in Brentwood. I like it much better than Laurel Canyon because there is glorious shade in Brentwood, as opposed to the desert-like landscape of Laurel Canyon. Hauser had a great time and it was nice for us to get out and enjoy the perfect weather we've been having here in Southern California. It was Paprika's first experience at the dog park. I was a little nervous when I saw two huge Great Danes loping around the park and a bunch of other big dogs running around- but all of the dogs were more focused on each other than on Paprika.

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