Monday, November 27, 2006

3 1/2 Month Stats

We had a great Thanksgiving- Paprika's first out of the womb! We went up to Santa Barbara and visited Mr. Mustard's mom and his sister, Andrea. We drove up early on Thursday morning and stayed until late on Sunday. It is very relaxing up there- and the weather was great. It was so nice seeing everyone and enjoying good food together!

Paprika is growing and changing so much. We just weighed her a second ago, and she is 17 pounds and 26 inches long. :-)

About a week ago, she started rolling over! Mr. Mustard laid her down face-up in her bassinette and left the room. When we came back in, she had flipped herself over. She is able to get mostly over, but has problems getting her arm out of the way. She likes to do push-ups and in the morning she entertains herself by pushing herself up onto her stomach and turning her head from side to side.

Paprika is also now able to grab and hold objects with her hands. She especially likes holding plastic rings and mommy's or daddy's ponytail! About a week ago, she could only hold objects for a second or two, but now she can hold them for a lot longer, and can pass the objects back and forth between her hands. She also is able to hold her own pacifier in her mouth!

Paprika is a very talkative girl and likes babbling to herself and to anyone who will listen. She is pretty quiet around strangers and likes to wait until she really gets to know someone before she talks to them much. So, Mr. Mustard and I hear most of her babbling and around other people, she's pretty quiet. Her favorite sounds are "oooo" and "booo."

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