Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Trains

I've been teaching myself Photoshop over the past few months, and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it. Photography has become a passion of mine since Paprika was born, and it's one of those things that I'm constantly seeking to improve.

But, the picture doesn't always go according to plan, which is where Photoshop comes in! I rarely have much time to retouch photos, so all of my retouching jobs are quick and dirty. I erase other people out of our pictures all the time and I am apt to take off a blemish or two (or clean off a dirty face) in the editing process.

Here's a very recent example:

Original Photo:
Looks okay, but notice the boy and his father in the picture? Not the image I was hoping for, but on a busy day at the Fair, it would have been nearly impossible to get a clean shot.

The Same Photo with the Boy and His Father Removed:

Imagining the Train in 1893:

Or in 1945:

Or in 2008 (cleaned up with a little color boost):

Isn't Photoshop fun?!!!

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