Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paprika's Second Birthday Party!

While we were in Indiana, Laura and Kevin threw Paprika a GREAT birthday bash! She turned two in style- it was a really wonderful party. This year, we kept the guests to the Spinks side of the family (plus my dad). I wanted to keep it a small party because I knew that too many people would get overwhelming for Paprika. As it turned out, we invited the perfect number of guests for her to enjoy.

Paprika with her special birthday cake:

Paprika and Me:

The Party in Full Swing:

Paprika had a wonderful time. She loved the excitement of the party, played with the party noisemakers, and had fun stealing the show. Most of all, she had a great time dancing with Robbie and playing with Caroline and Stephanie's old American Girl and Barbie dolls.

Paprika's Great Grandma and Great Grandpa with Barbara and Duane:

Barbara and Duane:

The food was amazing, of course. We had fajitas- chicken and steak (both grilled to perfection), fresh corn salad, and the best gazpacho soup you've ever tried. The big birthday cake was a double chocolate cake (chocolate with chocolate icing) from Taylor's Bakery, the same baker who made Mr. Mustard and my wedding cake, as well as Paprika's first birthday cake. Kevin baked Paprika a special cake of her own, and she loved every bite of it.

Me and my Grandma (Paprika's Great-Grandma!):

This year, Paprika was very excited about the party and really understood what a birthday means. She was so happy opening presents (she got A LOT this year!) and very excited to wear her "party hat!"

Paprika's Grandpa (My Dad) and Great-Grandpa:

We have a lot of wonderful memories at Laura and Kevin's house- it is where we had our wedding reception and where we had Paprika's first birthday party. It's incredible to think last year's party was only twelve short months ago: Paprika's First Birthday Party

Paprika has grown up SO much in the past year. It's really an amazing experience being Paprika's mom, and I feel so lucky to have such an incredible and supportive family to surround her and love her as she grows.

Four Generations of Spinks Women:
(Stephanie, Aunt Laura, Paprika's Great-Grandma Erika, Caroline, Erika, Paprika, Paprika's Grandma Karla)

All the Guys:
(Mr. Mustard, Grandpa Eric, Paprika's Great Grandpa Fred, Kevin, Robbie)

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