Friday, August 22, 2008

Paprika's Birthday Lunch in Chicago!

Mr. Mustard, Auntie Ann, and I treated Paprika to a special birthday lunch at the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Avenue in Chicago on her actual birthday, Saturday, August 16th. She had a great time. We had the best seat in the house and Paprika loved looking out the window at the horse drawn carriages, the shoppers, and all the activity going on outside.

We ordered her a special piece of birthday cake first so she could enjoy it before the entrees arrived. It's one of those rare occasions when it's okay to eat dessert first. ;-) The adults had sangria, crabcakes, and sandwiches while Paprika stuck to a cheeseburger and fries- her favorite!

We had a great time laughing, dining, and enjoying Paprika's special day. After the lunch, Mr. Mustard ran off to attend to his best man duties for Ryan and Katherine's wedding, while Ann and I took Paprika shopping at Nordstrom's. All Paprika wanted to do was try on shoes- and so she did! She tried on grown up shoes and baby shoes, and had a blast doing it!

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