Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Blog Is Moving - Come With Me!


*****Edited to Add:  If you are trying to follow my new blog on Feedly or BlogLovin' - please try to use the URL:  erikafinn.com

I hope that helps and thanks again!!!!!


Well - I didn't mention it, but a few months ago, my URL - theurthmama.com -  was STOLEN by a not so very nice person, and I lost most of the readers of this blog.  Pretty much everyone who followed me or linked to my blog was gone.  Plus, all my backlinks got broken as a result.

Stolen is a harsh word - because it was my fault, actually. I accidentally forgot to renew my domain name, and then someone swooped it up the day it expired. Then that person tried to sell it back to me for $5,000.

That ain't happenin'! ;-)

Luckily, I already owned the similar url: urthmama.com (Please click on it, like it, follow it, and LOVE  it - haha!)

Urthmama.com is the same thing, just without THE at the front). I hadn't been using the Urthmama.com url - but then I decided, hey...why not!

So, anyway - this is all a long winded way to say that I'm blogging in a NEW spot now.

 I decided to do a redesign of my blog last week, and one thing led to another...and after all was said and done, I'd gone and switched to Wordpress. I'm still not sure how I accomplished it at all, but it's been VERY exciting for me!

I'll still be blogging about family - but this new site will give me room to blog about other topics, too. I want to talk about homeschooling, gentle parenting, thriving after loss, healthy eating, and more.

So, please please please join me over at my new spot at: Urthmama.com - (if you're still reading this, you are QUITE a faithful reader!)

I already have a few new posts up - Yay!!! :-)


Cassie said...

Apparently I can't follow your new blog with feedly? I click the link on the top right corner of your home page and it says feed not valid. :(

RC said...

I can't seem to add your new blog to my rss reader. Is that something you are going to add to your new blog?

Erika said...

Thanks for letting me know! Let me try to figure that one out - hopefully I can fix that tonight/tomorrow!!!


Erika said...

Did you try erikafinn.com ?

Maybe that's it????

bearie1 said...

So that's what happened. I clicked on the link to your blog a few months ago and it was gone. It took awhile, but I eventually found you again. Would miss not reading about yElaineour lovely family and adventures. Off to erikafinn.com I go.

Cassie said...

Using http://erikafinn.com/ worked! I can't wait to hear about homeschooling!

RC said...

Using the erikafinn address worked! Yay! I didn't want to miss out on your adventures with your girls. :)